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Make your vacation unique aboard the only submarines in the Middle East and Africa right here at Sindbad Club.

Join us for an unforgettable journey aboard Sindbad Submarines, where you will explore 500 meters of coral reef and its marine inhabitants.

A new adventure awaits you 25 meters below the sea. Enjoy the breathtaking view in air-conditioned comfort and safety.

Enjoy the excursion from the beginning! Comfortable transfer with air-conditioned Coaches and minibusses from your hotel to Sindbad beach.

Arrive at the Sindbad beach resort the beating heart of the Sindbad club directly Located at the beach. Stay at the Sindbad club terminal enjoying our museum and beautiful views while awaiting your transport to our dream island. A wonderful sea trip while Enjoying the natural beauty of the red sea.

The Specifications

Depth Up To 25 MS
Time 3 Hours
Marine Guide
Free Transfer
Air Conditioned
Submarines Certificate
Only Real Submarine in Africa & the Arab world
Safety Standards

History of Sindbad Submarines

The city of Hurghada was unknown on the tourism map in Egypt before 1990, it was a place for Bedouins and fishermen, they would go fishing in the morning and return by sunset gathering together near a tree called El Ghardaq wherefrom the city got its name El Ghardaqa in Arabic, pronounced Hurghada in the English language. In1990 Hurghada became an important destination for divers all over the world where the underwater paradise awaited, a lot of businessmen targeted Hurghada as a promising future for their business, and so Sinbad Submarines was born.

Certificate of Submarines

At the end of the day each passenger will get a certification that has completed an underwater voyage along the coral reef of the Red Sea in Hurghada, Egypt the Sindbad submarine reaches a depth of 25 meters.

Technical Safety

Sindbad Submarines were manufactured in Finland with the prime consideration of safety and reliability of operation.

Built to take underwater pressure up to a depth of 75 meters.

The submarine carries 44 passengers and 2 crew members

The Submarine has a spacious air-conditioned cabin

Passengers can enjoy comfortable seats along with personal and separate TV monitors in front of each viewport.

In case of an emergency oxygen masks are located over-head and life jackets under the seats.